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Eye Cream for Wrinkles

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate. Throughout the day, our eyes do a lot of hard work from blinking to expressing emotions. Without proper care, the skin around our eyes can form wrinkles, dark circles, and eyebags. These can be caused by genetic reasons, lifestyle, ultraviolet rays or external stress.
Moisturizing the skin around your eyes is an important step to prevent eye wrinkles. Eye creams for dark circles are formulated to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Look for ingredients that will help to reduce the loss of moisture, and those that provide an immediate “plump up” effect such as Vitamin A and peptides. They can help in stimulating collagen production that keeps our skin hydrated and plump, effectively preventing wrinkles from forming.

Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can happen for many reasons. It could be associated with health problems such as lack of sleep, allergies, or genetics and more. However, eye cream for dark circles can be used to help improve their appearance. Look for eye creams in Singapore with ingredients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 as they have brightening effects while being gentle on the skin.
In general, eye cream for dark circles should be applied after cleansers and toners, before serums and moisturizers. Be light-handed when applying products around your eyes to prevent triggering more wrinkles and fine lines.

Eye Cream in Singapore From Skin Bounty

At Skin Bounty, we offer a range of eye cream products for people regardless of your age, skin type or concerns. Our eye creams include benefits that can minimize wrinkles, dark circles, and eyebags. They are smooth and gentle to be used for the skin under your eyes, and suitable for pregnant women and contact lens wearers.